Let me introduce you to…

Dibal, Deborah MadiDeborah Madi Dibal. She is smiling because of the effort of many Fruit4Science teams and all the people who buy their fruit from us. With all that money we’ve been able to offer her a fellowship to attend to the Drosophila in Biomedical Research: Affordable AND Impacting workshop, organized by the Institute of Biomedical Research, Kampala International University, Uganda.

From Fruit4Science we are really proud to have been able to make her a little happier. Thank you all of you because you’re making this to happen!!!


A dream’s coming true

What a start!! Our first team of the University of Cambridge has already collected £5 in just 4 days. We also have another group that is starting next week! Thank you for believing in us!!

Just in the University of Cambridge there are over 100 departments, faculties, schools and institutes. Now imagine that there is a Fruit4Science team in every two departments. 50 teams collecting £5 every week. Around £1000 every month!!! Yes, we know that this is almost impossible. But you could make it true. Join us and place bowl of fruit in your office. Your lab mates will thank you and you’ll help African Science to develop.